Complete Communication System

Communicate in any situation with clarity, confidence, and creativity!

We all want to improve our communication skills. We also know that systems make us more efficient and more effective. The Complete Communication System™ is a simple system you can apply to any communication scenario, written or spoken. Meetings, email, presentations, keynotes, storytelling (to name a few). By the end of this Master Class, you will prepare more efficiently, deliver more confidently, and land messages more effectively.

Learning Objectives of This Course:

Master the Complete Communication System™

Improve public speaking clarity, confidence, and creativity

Improve written communication - Emails, newsletters, event promotion, etc.

Increase efficiency in preparation (applies to ALL communication modes)

Increase effectiveness of meetings

Learn to how cast vision with senior leadership

Improve communication with parents and volunteers

The Complete Communication System™ is a simple, 4-step system that will improve every area of your communication. This is the same system taught at Microsoft, Amazon, Financial Planners Association conferences, and to national sales teams.

Prepare more efficiently. Deliver more confidently. Land every message more effectively. Get ready to take your communication abilities to a whole new level!

Your Instructor

Keith Ferrin
Keith Ferrin

Keith Ferrin is an author, speaker, storyteller, and corporate communication coach. He has spent more than two decades speaking to churches, conferences, universities, and corporations around the United States and abroad.

He has written five books (and contributed to several others), including How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible andLike Ice Cream: The Scoop on Helping the Next Generation Fall in Love with God's Word.

He has coached teams, managers and executives in the area of communication, writing, and public speaking. He utilizes a system he developed called the Complete Communication System™. Some of his clients include Microsoft and Amazon.

His passion is helping people prepare communication more efficiently, deliver more confidently, and land messages more effectively.

Keith and his wife, Kari, have three children and live just outside Seattle. Oh, and he believes that coffee and ice cream are proof that we serve a kind, generous God.

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